Throughout April to August the Kelowna Women's Soccer League emphasizes a fun, social environment where women of any age can improve their soccer skills and compete at a suitable level. Learn more about the KWSL under League Info.

See our Tournaments Page for more info!

May 09: The 2016 Schedule has been updated which includes the most recent Sunday Cup schedule information. When viewing the new schedule, please remember to refresh each page so that you get the most current information.



February 21: We're Bringing Back the Zodiac! Go to the KWSL Sponsored Tournaments and Events for more information.

January 18: The 9th Annual KWSL Co-Ed Soccer poster has been updated. Go to the KWSL Sponsored Tournaments and Events for more information.

December 17, 2015: Sick of driving your kids to their sports but never participating in your own? Tired of looking at your old cleats in the closet collecting dust? Sad you gave up on your dream of moving to Hollywood to pursue a career as an actress?

Well, look no further, because the KWSL Masters League is currently recruiting new players!
If you're at least 30+ years of age during the year of play and have moderate soccer knowledge and skill, then we want YOU!

Masters is a fun, social, ...semi-competitive league with games once a week. Meet new friends, practice your acting skills on the pitch (we won't judge you), and enjoy some post-game bevies afterwards.

If you're interested in playing or managing a team, please send a brief email to to be added to our Masters League list.

Want to have a say in how the league runs this year? Complete our brief online survey and have your opinions heard!
Follow the link by clicking here:…/1gbL-gGLChDw4iZ2s8u2vbz…/viewform…

September 15th, 2013: KWSL will no longer be using I-Sight Optometry for the drop-off and pick-up location.

Eurosport Soccer & Rugby have kindly offered their store as the new KWSL point of contact. All future packages / payments / etc. can be dropped off at this location.

As the staff also handles Referee correspondence, as well as the Men's League, we remind Players that the staff are not available to answer questions, or field complaints or queries. Their retail business is the primary function and we ask that our League Members be respectful of this.

It is also more important than ever for Teams to clearly mark envelopes / information & Payments with KWSL and their Team name and Division.

Please see our Contact page for location and hours.

April 21, 2013: KWSL launches our new and improved website!

We tried to make the site even easier for you to use - nothing should be more than 2 clicks away! (3 tops, we swear :) Please take a little time to get familiar with the new layout.

We have made the following changes to the website:

  • Contacts are now linked on the main navigation to your left
  • The Schedule is now linked on the left, as well as in the Player's Pages
  • Both Bulletin Boards are now in the Player's Pages
  • Tournaments now has it's own section, and is linked to your left
  • General Info is now called League Info
  • We have new Media Reporting email links in the Players Pages. Give 'em a try.

We hope you like the changes. If you have any questions or comments, please email our Media Rep.

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